Client: Facebook

Project: Workplace by Facebook

Role: Art Director, Designer, Animator

Toolset: Sketch / Illustrator / Photoshop / AfterEffects

Features: Highly commented at the Moody Awards 2018

Workplace was first announced on January 14, 2015. It launched in beta as Facebook at Work with customers including the Royal Bank of Scotland. Facebook itself had been using a version of Workplace internally since 2011, when one of our engineers created groups that were only accessible to people inside the company. 

Workplace officially launched in October 2016. To date, over 30,000 organizations have joined the platform including Walmart, Heineken, Spotify, Chevron, Stanley Black & Decker and Starbucks.

Illustration System

I was brought in back in 2017, as the team’s very first Art Director and Communications Designer, and as such, I am in charge of the branding, the creative and everything visual.

I have been art directing agencies such as North (branding), Stink (DOOH), Unit9 (Brand films and case studies) and our amazing illustrator, Linn Fritz in order to build a consistent, engaging and fresh visual tone of voice.

Because we wanted an identity of our own, we created a very ownable and engaging style of illustrations – instead of using FB Alegria – including characters, objects and scenes, in order to convey complex and abstract topics in a simple and engaging manner.

Workplace illustrations are primarily intended for in-product application.
They can be used to help clarify user processes and to illustrate abstract concepts.

We also used them within marketing collaterals, such as launch kits, blueprint, booklets and OOH/DOOH to instill some of our product personality.

I also came up with a scalable design system, that allows our illustrations to be used on several platforms and for different needs, without having to rely on cheap resizing nor having to invest time and budget into endless illustration resources.

The system is designed for flexibility and expression: the illustrations are drawn to be emotive and add context within the Workplace ecosystem, allowing our teams to convey complex topics in a simplified manner, across different platforms. Our illustrations complement our verbal tone of voice and help to establish the appropriate tone for each communication – both inside and outside the product.


In terms of photography, we wanted to achieve a warm, intimate and authentic feel – departing from the traditional, flat and unappealing corporate approach.

We’re celebrating real people and genuine collaboration, showing interaction with open body language, using shallow depth of field to focus on a subject within their real work environment.

In a couple of cases, when a photographer wasn’t available, I shot the pictures myself.


I was in charge of all the video content, too: from our brand films, to our customer stories – featuring clients such as Virgin Atlantic, Maple Leaf, Campbell’s and Deliveroo.

I put together a funnel, defining the right visual approach and narrative for each stage of the user journey – which helped delivering the right balance of story telling and functionality, depending at what stage our audience is at.

I was also the creative director for our first big brand campaign, “Together changes everything” – featuring some of our most inspirational customer stories.

I worked closely with one of our agencies, Unit9, and our clients, in order to deliver 5 emotional films, which we used on pitches and top of the funnel campaigns, achieving great results (when used in ads, they performed 40x better than the market standards).