Summer Campaign

Client: Value Retail

Agency: Splash Worldwide

Role: Creative Director / Motion Designer

Toolset: Adobe Photoshop / Adobe AfterEffects



Value Retail specialises exclusively in the creation and operation of high-end outlet shopping villages across Europe and China.

Building on two years of on-going collaboration, in 2016 Splash was selected as Value Retail’s creative production partner to deliver their Summer campaign.Splash’s creative took an initial concept idea and delivered a cross channel idea & toolkit within 4-weeks. The key objective was to provide an easy usable suite of assets being very versatile covering print, digital and social channels across 9 European villages.

The overall production covered a tight knit team that shot 12 bespoke luxury executions, time-lapses and animations over a 3-day period. To ensure the delivery of the tight deadline, Loupe our high end retouching subsidiary was onsite during the shoot to make everything seamless.







Here’s an example of the “layered nest” approach I came up with:

And here’s an example of the slow motion animation (shot with a Phantom Flex 4k at 1000 fps) as a creative solution for VR social media platforms: