Client: Kyba

Agency: TopTal

Role: Illustrator, Product Designer

Toolset: Illustrator / Sketch



KYBA is a Florida based educational website where fitness professionals with big hearts and positive attitudes support and empower members on their journey to find balance in mind, body and/ spirit.

They also work with schools and are planning to roll out their classes and expertise to teens and pre-teens. The brief I’ve been asked to tackle was aimed at that audience, and my main task was to make the whole experience relevant, engaging and exciting.

My first step was to create a set of character our young users might find more compelling than your usual average fitness site. They are designed to engage with our audience responding to their progress and commitment with reactions, badges and inspirational messages.



This is what a returning user’s dashboard would look like:


I made sure every single element had some kind of delightful interaction, in order to avoid the usual boring task of a simple fill in exercise:


My profile Filling