Integris Software

Client: Integris

Agency: TopTal

Role: Communications Designer, Web Designer, Illustrator

Toolset: Illustrator / Sketch / Photoshop

Recent developments in data privacy, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the upcoming California state law AB375, are driving urgency for solutions that help organizations build and maintain a defensible data privacy strategy.

mockup desk 1

Integris offers an industry-leading data privacy automation platform to meet the accelerating demand for a comprehensive data privacy solution.

I’ve been hired by their VP of Marketing and I was in charge for the rebranding of the product as well as all of their UI/UX and communications design.

To begin with, I pulled apart their old branding and built a new, well thought and fine tuned V2 brand bible – defining a new color palette fit for their needs in product as well as comms, typography, iconography and visual direction:






I also created a very ownable duo-tone photography treatment, in order to cut through the noise among their competitors – which heavily relies on their new color palette – resulting in a fresh and modern (yet very usable) approach:



In order to explain complex topics and concepts, I also came up with an illustrations tone of voice – which nicely fit within their new, slick visual approach – allowing the brand to rely on an added layer of storytelling:



An impressive amount of collaterals have been created, to fulfill their B2B campaigns – from whitepapers to reports, presentations and booklets:


Homepage V7 Copy 3